Please Read the Letter – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

This song came into my life in 2008 through a colleague who is a major Led Zep fan. It grew on me and I remember listening to it on loop back then and thereafter it just disappeared from my life until another Led Zeppelin admirer brought it back to me.

This special collaboration between the legend- Robert Plant and bluegrass artist Alison Krauss is a tale of a recently estranged couple. It’s plea to have one’s former lover read a letter, a letter possibly of confessions, explanations, regrets and deep truths. The one sided-ness of a letter is a safe choice, with no threat of confrontation. However it’s ironical that while one went up to their lover’s door to nail the letter, they did not stay to actually speak the actual words and left it all on…the letter.

Plant leads the vocals and enough cannot be said about how perfect he sounds. Krauss’s voice blends so well with his creating a pleasant harmony, that adds more weight to what’s being said, especially to the main request. The snare drum and the bass guitar hold the sound together. The guitar notes keep things simple allowing the vocals to shine through. The fiddle in the bridge captures the spirit of yearning and regret that fill this whole track adding a new sonic dimension to the otherwise rock affair. Things pick pace towards the second half, when the sound becomes more intense and beats become harder; those words must be read before it’s too late.

This track is so hauntingly beautiful and charming; like and old, warm room full of memories and heartbreak with only a floating letter for respite.



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