Take Care – Drake feat. Rihanna

One of my favorite pop duets, this track found its way to my life  through a borrowed iPod while on bus ride in Himachal, about 6 years ago.

Spinning modern sounds & modern vulnerabilities on a part of Gil Scott-Heron’s original, Drake & Rihanna keep things simple. Two tired souls, worn out by heartbreak but not so damaged that they have given up on love. I like the spirt of this track, there’s honesty, reassurance and then there’s a promise. It’s two close friends urging each other to not let the past stop them from taking another chance as there’s nothing to be ashamed of. There’s comfort in knowing that it is all human and it’s all right to not get it right.

Rihanna’s vocals, while limited only to the hook, still speak volumes of love lost and love to be found. Drake’s larger share of lines are so real and human, he makes vulnerability sound so endearing, and almost cool. The contrast between their voices and style is delightful, with pleasant music working only to support and lift their voices. The synth sounds hold the space while the guitars shoot around with balanced beats adding life to the whole affair.

Makes me think of Netflix’s British Romcom Lovesick. This is what Evie and Dylan would say to each other if they could. 🙂


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