Too Close – Alex Clare

This track came into my life in 2011, possibly through Vh1 or some radio channel in Delhi. The song is a declaration of the end of a friendship and feels like a letter that Alex Clare is singing to his best friend who has developed romantic feelings for him, that he cannot reciprocate. It’s really a lose-lose situation. The irreversibility of falling in love has destroyed the friendship as they knew it, so what must be saved then?

The writing evokes empathy for the protagonist, who is both sorry for his choice in the matter and also somewhat relieved to have finally made it. I like how the vulnerability is expressed with hints of exasperation and despair at the situation. He is doing this for self preservation, after much trying & suffering; pretending loving back, hiding from the friend and then realizing that the only way to get unstuck from this situation is to walk away.

The music starts light, with the synth leading the way followed by the guitar, almost mysterious signifying the hard decision that’s about to be revealed. The sound transitions into a slow yet catchy beat as Alex Clare vocalizes the tension that one might feel while making such a brutally honest confession to a close friend. It is really the chorus that completely surprises with its heaviness and dubstep edge. Without any warning, the wobbly bass appears out of nowhere and takes an otherwise simple song into a whole new complex space.

This song somehow reminds me of rock climber Aron Ralston’s tragic yet liberating choice, on which the movie 127 hours is based. Sometimes one can choose to lose something valuable to become unstuck and save something even more precious.


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