Heartbreak Warfare – John Mayer

This song is yet another proof of John Mayer’s ability to capture deep human experiences and emotions in such a simple & vivid manner, both vocally and lyrically. This is really a break up song but written not as a separation that’s happened but as an on-going process of estrangement.

War is an interesting metaphor for how lovers behave when times change. It’s actually sad, how a couple loses sight of everything else and the former lovers focus on how to hurt the other, armed with nothing but words. The mention of another man’s name is a stab in his heart and bombs fly everywhere when one is angry. The futility of it all is highlighted when he innocently asks, “if you want more love, why don’t you say so”; makes me realize how ironically simple questions are the most difficult to resolve, just like in a war. I guess that’s the trouble with attachment, it’s the emotions that govern thought and hence no one really ever wins.

John Mayer’s heartbroken voice is a delight to hear. The music is pleasant, showing that he is hopeful of resolving it. The background guitar holds the song together with the drums and bass making it a smooth composition. The lead solo shows JM’s incredible skills and perfectly symbolizes the situation, capturing the tirades, accusations, agony, irony and the pointlessness of it all.

My favorite line- “Red wine and Ambien, you’re talking s**t again.”

Says everything.




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