The Whats and Hows # 1

The past three and a half months of writing this blog have been enriching and exciting. I have learnt a few things about myself and some about art/creativity which is what this post is about.

The What

Selecting a song to write about has sometimes been a challenge. I learnt that not every song I like is always compelling enough to make me want to write about it. If I have thought about a song before I began the process of writing, I have destroyed the chance to have it appear here. No amount of prior notes helped and if I have at all forced myself to write about it, the experience has been bland, unsatisfying and just not right. I have noticed that each of the songs that have been written about have had elements beyond the noticeably likeable (for me) and that I have been patient and intentional to find them and then articulate them. The experience of writing about these have been enjoyable and exciting, something that has kept me going.

This makes me think that maybe this is true for all art and artists, creative thought does come from a space of nothing, when active strategy or planning is not being applied and when someone surrenders completely to their feelings and finds a way to capture it.

The How

I play the song on loop and keep noting points that occur to me. It’s meditative, there’s just the selected musical creation and me and my mind just races in all directions. I let myself feel and record whatever comes to me. Once I feel I have enough material, I then package it a cohesive way, sequence the thoughts to make the piece into a whole. I never intended to have a fixed process but I learnt through the course of 18 posts, that this is the only way it works for me.


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