King- Years & Years

This track came into my life through the British radio, in mid 2015, during the epic dissertation writing period. I instantly fell in love with its addictive synth notes and the pure energy it oozes. This song gave me the much needed electronic high to plough through writing marathons in the wee hours of the night. Also, the danceability of ‘King’ is so high that me and a friend (Jane this is you) always made sure we played it during our kitchen parties because we both loved singing along and dancing on it.

This song is retrospective of a man who has been controlled by his lover just like a chess piece, and has somehow mustered the courage to ask for the freedom he now desires. The lyric shifts between an external conversation with his lover and an internal one that he is having with himself. It is ironical that he might be a king in his own little square yet has no power in the larger board of life and is at the mercy of the one who controls him. The self realization finally culminates in his urge to fight for himself and his emotional liberation.

The electronic synth-pop music is the soul of this track. Olly Alexander’s voice still retains the restlessness and innocence of a teenager’s and does full justice to the introspective & ‘waking up’ nature of the song. The backing track sounds semi human and semi synthetic which lends a very special sonic quality and is the track’s most recognizable feature.

I used to think that all dance songs can be used for running or exercising but not this one.



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