Daylight – Maroon 5 (Playing for Change)

Daylight is one of my favourite songs from the Maroon 5 stable and I really love this version they did for the non profit, Playing for Change. The melody and lyrics of this song talk about the internal conflict of a man as he prepares to leave his lover, knowing well that minutes are passing by too quickly and he will have to make do with left time and experience his partner’s warmth and company as much as he can.

The lyrics articulate the dilemma and irony of his situation, while he well knows that he wants to fully be in the moment, yet the sheer awareness of the inevitability of ‘Daylight’ keeps him from just that. He is contented and heartbroken at the same time.

The opening tabla beats, the beautiful and varied voices of the singers all recorded on the street, truly create a diverse yet a uniform melodic experience. The range and quality of the many voices, instruments and the slower tempo than the original, make this version so refreshing, unique and even raw. I particularly like the wobble of the Didgeridoo as it adds a whole new rustic quality to the song.

It’s delightful to have the music move from street to stage with Adam Levine himself anchoring the spirit of the original. His voice sounds even better in chorus with the female singers. The ‘Oh-woah’ bit is so honest that it makes me want to join them in anticipated mourning every time it plays.



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