Fun (feat. Tove Lo) – Coldplay

Colplay’s music has stayed in my life since 2002 and is by far my most consistent musical love. For my first post on their music, I am picking one from their most recent album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’. This is a collaboration with Swedish singer Tove Lo.

What I find really interesting and clever is that both the singers don’t start off at the same time in this refreshing duet. Tove Lo’s vocals kick in or rather almost sneak into the song after a good 2 minutes. It’s as if Chris Martin could convince Tove Lo to join in the inquiry after some persuasion. She agrees that it is a question worth asking so that they part on the note of it all being worth something in the end, “Didn’t we have fun?”

The writing moves through different spaces that one experiences during a breakup/ divorce: From accepting the inevitable, to seeking consolation to urging for reconsideration to finally a somewhat hopeful “maybe we could again?”

It’s a pleasant sound, both the voices blend in so well while retaining their individual yet common stance. This song is a proof that the best thing to do when someone you love walks out of your life, is to write and sing a  song about it and hope that they will come back one day.

(Only for sometime until you move on).

P.S.: The audio is not available on youtube due to Coldplay’s rights. Hence sharing the itunes link here.


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