Why am I writing this blog?

Music is the glue that keeps our souls together. It adds that element to life that is the most personal thing that ever is. While what we all hear is the same, what we feel exactly, how we process what we hear is never the same. It may be similar but never the same. The listener is the filter that lends that unique tint to the aural experiences. The listener is the gatekeeper to the mini world of music (and hence all the emotions, the feelings, the ideas, the thoughts, the perceptions) that is exclusive to them, their present and past, their life.

Just like people, I believe music also happens to you. Songs that are meant to be heard by you manage to drift into your life. I say drift because you can’t ever actively search for what you have not heard and it has to come to you either through the radio, or some café, or some fashion store or someone.

This blog is as much about writing as it is about music. Each of the songs I write about is special because it is special to me. These may or may not be chart toppers, or need to conform to an idea of type of music. The only commonality is all of these happened to me and I loved them. Writing about them is my attempt at articulating the reason why I love them, what they make me feel and why it might be so. I am not commenting on the artists or critiquing their techniques and talents. I am finding that bit of me that all these varied songs have trapped in them, through writing about it.


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