Carried Away- Passion Pit

I discovered this through one of its remixes (possibly by Tiësto) on VH1, a couple of years ago. I was curious to hear the original after having enjoyed the remix. This delicious shot of retro-done-right makes me want to break into a dance every time I hear it. The chorus is so fun, I find it hard to control the urge to start singing along ‘I get carried awayyyy…’

The upbeat sounds are high on energy: the retro bass, synth and drums all work together to transport the listener to a joyous happy place. Saturated with saccharine addictiveness, the catchy tune can even make the listener disassociate from the tale of a quarrelling couple that the lyrics beautifully capture. The words are effective and paint the picture of the bitter sweet relationship that works and doesn’t work at the same time. Where you like the other person enough to make leaving them seem self destructive. On the other hand, being with them is annoying enough to make every day feel like the sub-standard version of what happiness could look like.

I keep singing the chorus in my head but that’s not enough since I can only say the words which is half the story. I miss the music and so I put the song on loop. But I can’t keep doing that forever since I have work to do. Trapped and addicted, not happy either way, just the like the couple in this song.


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