I Will Possess Your Heart- Death Cab for Cutie


I didn’t intend to continue on the unreciprocated love theme but this is a dark reaction to the rejection. It is a brilliant & effective musical articulation of the angst and agony of a delusional and obsessive lover.

The long introduction is the most unique feature and a masterstroke. The repetitive and simply awesome bass line, along with the drums provide the passive aggressive certainty of the intention. The layering of the lead and piano works perfectly as they compete for attention, intensifying gradually over time, much like the pleas of a rejected lover. The genius lies in how this purely instrumental sound makes one long for the vocals that almost never kick in, yet is addictively sweet enough to stay in for a little while longer. It takes you to the point of desperation and only then vocalizes what you are feeling. The lyrics further articulate the assertive yearning, ending with the scary promise of ‘I won’t let you.. let me down.. so easily’.


And. Brilliant.


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