Strange Love – Koop feat. Hilde Louise Asbjornsen

I discovered Koop after this was featured in a Coca Cola Ad. I looked for it because it was so surreal, addictive and powerful a sound that it had to be found.

Strange Love scores on so many levels. The clever  blend of electronic and jazz sounds is lovely. Hilde Louise Asbjornsen’s voice beautifully captures the submissive, desperate yet self aware emotion of a stricken & captive lover. The drums keep you happy while subtly hooking you into the beat and the sax slyly lifts you before dropping you down, just how strange love functions.

The writing is brilliant, the paradoxes so well thought and Hilde’s matter of fact tone, makes the listener empathize instantaneously with this inexplicable emotion. It just subsumes you into the toxic yet addictive space. Reminds me of  Florentino Ariza from Love in the time of Cholera. This is his life story in a few lines.

This is not leaving my head. It just keeps floating without doing anything much. So strange.


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