Kun Faya Kun – Berklee Indian Ensemble cover

Kun Faya Kun is an epic song to come out of a Bollywood movie.

It is loaded with spiritual Arabic and Hindi/ Urdu lyrics by Irshad Kamil and the legendary A R Rahman has made sure we get transported to a higher place of serenity with the harmonium notes. This song stands out in the Rockstar movie album for which it was composed as it documents a turning point in the protagonist’s emotional and spiritual journey. I never thought it could get better until I heard this amazing cover by the Berklee Indian Ensemble. They performed it at A R Rahman’s felicitation ceremony where he got the honorary doctorate in Music, two years ago, in Boston.

This cover is incredibly beautiful, honest, reverent of the composer and just stunning.

I really don’t know what more to say. The varied male and female voices give this a stunning new edge and truly bring out the true sound of the parts they sing. The introduction of new instruments, like the Oud solo (5:28 to 6:36) adds a new element of authenticity to the Arabic sound without tempering with the original intent.

Above all, the singers belong to different ethnicities and cultures but appear to be totally consumed by the spiritual power of this song. You can see it on their faces, how deeply engrossed they are and they all seem to get the profoundess of this song. They are also having a great time while creating this beautiful version, they are many but one. This gave me goose bumps all the way. I’ll go out a limb here and say that this is better than the original.

Well done people at Berklee College of Music! You deserve more praise than you can ever get.

Image taken from YouTube


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