Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Right from the opening guitar to the lyrics, Ed Sheeran’s amazing voice, takes you to a warm fuzzy place. It stirs emotions about love, about time and how we want to hold on to the precious moments in our lives. I had loved this song for a few months until I finally chanced upon its video a year back. My sister in law, who’s a mother of two and lives in Surrey, England was in the kitchen and I randomly played this on my computer. “Oh I love this too!”, she said and I took my laptop to the kitchen and watched the video with her for the first time. We both were in tears by the end of it, she more than me. It was the mother in her of course. To connect to someone through music is a very surreal experience and we had found ours in this Didi. 🙂

The video made me love this song even more than before. Very special. Ed Sheeran, you are one of the most amazing things to happen to music in recent times!

Image taken from tumblr.


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